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All Souls Memorial Episcopal Church  

All Souls Memorial deeply values inclusion, but found  they were not providing adequate access to those with mobility issues. They urgently needed to upgrade their  building to serve all their members and guests. 

The Sheridan Group was retained by the All Souls Vestry to help assess the potential for a capital campaign to improve accessibility for all to the church, in order for All Souls to remain true to its mission.

The proposed two-level addition would enable universal access to the sanctuary and undercroft from the parking lot with an elevator and would include two accessible restrooms.  The addition would also enable a larger, more welcoming, and hospitable garden space, directly accessible from the undercroft and suitable for contemplative, musical, and social functions.


Prior to our arrival, the Junior Warden (and eventual campaign chair) had recruited an enthusiastic campaign planning committee, with subcommittees charged with Case for Support Development, Finances, Cultivation, and Parish Communication. 


Our initial Campaign Readiness Report indicated no structural hurdles to proceeding with the Feasibility Study, providing important early confidence to the Vestry and Campaign Planning Committee.  The Sheridan Group then conducted interviews with 25 individuals and couples, representing a wide variety of perspectives within the parish. 


Based on the campaign operating plan informed by our feasibility study, All Souls successfully completed a campaign that raised the necessary funding to complete its construction and modernization goals.

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