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St. Stephen and the Incarnation   

Initial findings were not as promising as hoped, but with courage and faith, St. Stephen's pressed forward, creating lasting growth for their community.

When first approached about a campaign feasibility study, we counseled the St. Stephens Vestry to move through a strategic planning process, in order to engage all parishioners in the vision for the church’s future.

Nine months later, we initiated a feasibility study on behalf of a $2 million campaign for a priority physical plant renovation and improvement needs as identified in the new strategic plan.  Our study projected attainment of $640,000, but St. Stephens boldly pushed forward with our guidance.  With a tremendously dedicated Campaign Cabinet, the Widening the Circle Campaign exceeded its $750,000 leadership gifts phase goal ahead of schedule.


Emphasis was placed on the role of the church in the areas of social justice and civil rights, featuring testimonials and reflections from former clergy and lay leaders over the past five decades.  This additional effort, plus targeted foundation outreach, area community organization benefit events, and additional parishioner commitments, helped the Campaign exceed the $1 million mark by its conclusion in the fall, representing a final campaign total of more than 50% above The Sheridan Group’s initial projection.

Importantly, St. Stephen’s realized a 15-percent increase in its subsequent Stewardship Drive and has maintained Stewardship growth each year since that time.

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