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TSG Education Series: Association Foundation Best Practices

Virtual planning meeting

Follow these sound fundraising practices for associations.

We have developed the following characteristics of successful association foundations. We use this perspective as a resource in providing direction and guidance to each of our clients, recognizing that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ set of standards and that what works well for one (or even many) clients, make not work for another.

Further, we present this information principally as a guideline for association foundations to optimize their development/fundraising program.

Case for Support

The Foundation’s Case for Support outlines the compelling rationale for philanthropic support of specific programming initiatives. 

  • Based on the Foundation’s current Strategic Plan and aligned with the Association’s strategic goals and direction 

  • Provides a ‘menu’ of giving opportunities for major gift prospects 

  • Draws upon both aggregate program impact data and program beneficiary testimonials and success stories.

Foundation Board

The Foundation’s Board is comprised of leading, respected members of the association community who have the capability of leadership by their philanthropic example and inspiring/encouraging others to support the foundation. 

  • Written expectations provide guidance to trustees in fulfilling their roles (personal....


TSG Ed Series - Association-Foundation B
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